Compression socks prevent injuries and help improve blood circulation in the legs

When the New Year’s resolution is to be implemented and the first fitness runs are approaching, many people experience various problems and signs of injuries to the shins, ankles, knees and Achilles tendons. Very often, a great many of the injuries result from the fact that you start out too hard because your physical fitness improves fairly easily and quickly, while your joints and tendons still need a long time to recover after each run.
Compression socks can fully or partially alleviate many of the most common running injuries as they improve the flow of blood and fluid by applying pressure to the legs. Better circulation of the blood in the legs reduces the most immediate injuries and helps speed up the subsequent recovery process as, to a large degree, the recovery process is controlled by the blood carrying oxygen, blood cells, lactic acid and waste products.

Compression socks can also be helpful in many other situations; for instance, if you have to sit down for many hours. When you sit down for many hours, the flow of blood in your legs is naturally reduced, and therefore support stockings are often referred to as ”flight socks” or ”travel socks” as on a plane or other means of transportation you don’t have much opportunity to get up and move around. The stockings are also a sensible idea if you sit at a desk for long hours as many people do in Denmark.