A wooden wine rack gives an authentic look to your wine

There are really many people who just buy the wine that they will use, when to use it, and don’t need to consider how the wine should be stored, because it should be drunk as it is often within 48 hours. But if you're a bit of a wine enthusiast and likes to find good wines on offer and buy some for storage, so you always have a bottle ready if there should be an occasion for a good glass of wine, then you should think about that they are stored properly. There are four things you should have in mind when the wine must have the right conditions, first it must lie down and then a wooden wine rack an excellent example for it. Here your bottles lie down until it comes time for them to be drunk.
The other three factors for proper storage of wine is the humidity, temperature and light. Unless your wines to be stored for many years the humidity is not so important, but if you have a couple of nice bottles to be stored for more than 5 years then you should be aware of it.
While the glass bottle is stable, it is the cork that gives challenge for custody, then it is the one that ensures that the wine gets the necessary amount of oxygen that allows the wine to develop. But if it will be too dry or too moist, it can ruin the wine and give the wine a dull aftertaste. If you have your wooden wine rack standing in an ordinary basement, where there is a slightly increased humidity, it is a great place to long-term store your wine. A wine requires a fairly stable temperature and the wine develops best at about 12 - 14 degrees. It will in its simplicity mean if you store your wine cool it extends the development time for the wine and if it is too hot it shortens the development time for the wine. Therefore, if you store your wine in a wooden wine rack at room temperature the development will be done about twice as fast as if you had kept it at the recommended 12 to 14 degrees. So if a wine says that it can be drunk within the next five years, this means only 2.5 years if it is stored at room temperature. The last factor is light and therefore a wine cellar makes the perfect place to store wine. When storing your wine in wooden wine rack downstairs in a wine cellar, you limit the amount of light that can reach the wine bottles and helps to avoid degrade of the wine quality. It is also why red wine that is the type of wine that normally are stored the longest is poured on colored bottles so light is not so easy to penetrate.